Time for Membership Renewal

For the majority of our GVNC members, it is time to renew your annual membership. You should receive an email reminder regarding your membership renewal date. To renew, simply log on to gvncmt.org, go to My Account, and click on Dues History on the left. Under Actions, click on the Renew button to pay the annual membership fee of $35. To make the process easier for future renewals, choose “Auto Renew” and you will be set for the next year.

In the past, all memberships renewed on September 1. However beginning in April 2023, the process changed to an annual membership renewal based on the date you last paid dues. So anyone who joined GVNC after that April date will receive renewal reminders near their membership anniversary.

To confirm the date that your renewal dues are payable: Log on to the GVNC website, click on My Account, click on Dues History in the left column and look for ‘Next Payment Date.”

Keep your membership up to date to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of Gallatin Valley Newcomers Club — Interest Groups, Excursions, Luncheons, Coffees, and the opportunity to form and maintain lasting friendships.

Some Newcomers’ Activities

Interest Groups
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