GVNC volunteers organize outings for members and their guests to local/regional venues as a way of connecting to our community and with one another. Some excursions are brief, for example a two-hour tour of a local business, and others are longer such as a day trip outside Bozeman to experience other parts of this beautiful state. 

Some excursions are no-cost, while others require a charge to cover any trip/ticketing expenses. All excursions typically require a reservation and, if there is a cost, a credit card payment for the trip when the reservation is made.  Members may pick and choose only those excursions that are of interest to them.  Our volunteer organizers usually offer one or two excursions a month and work to find outings that cover a diversity of interests.

For information on upcoming excursions, check out the home page.  For questions about any excursion, please email info@gvncmt.org and specify which excursion you are interested in. Also if you have suggestions for future excursions, please email us as detailed above.

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