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Interest Groups and Other Key Member Resources

Newcomers Interest Groups cover a wide range of activities and are a terrific way to get to know other members while sharing what you have in common. Our list of interest groups continues to expand as new activities are identified by our members. We encourage you to share interests and passions with others by volunteering to start new interest groups.

Other Resources: Included in this listing are other key resources available to members.


The Art Club meets once to twice a month at the Bozeman Art Museum.  A variety of projects are created and different mediums are used.

Bird Watching

The Gallatin Valley has a plethora of birds and bird habitat to be explored. This group meets more often in the warmer months.

Book Clubs

GVNC hosts a variety of book clubs which are reading and discussion gatherings.  These meet monthly and the places, times and subjects vary.


There are several bridge groups that play once a month in addition to a ladies’ marathon group of ten pairs.


This card game is similar to rummy and requires some strategy. They meet monthly in members’ homes.

Caring Notes

Caring Notes are written by GVNC volunteers and are sent to members or members’ family (e.g., spouse, children) to express the club’s concern and/or recognition of various events in a member’s life.  Examples are major family events (e.g., birth, marriage, death), a medical issue, or a significant achievement for which congratulations are in order. Members are encouraged to share such news with the GVNC Caring Notes volunteer so she can craft an appropriate note that she will mail.

Community Service

This group provides information and manpower to service organizations in the Gallatin Valley who request volunteers to support projects in our community.

Country Line Dancing

This dancing group is divided into different levels of skill and experience. It meets in the group leader’s home weekly.

START UP class each Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.  Class led by Sue Westphal.

Cross Country Skiing

This outdoor activity appeals to all skill levels for Nordic skiing adventures in the Bozeman area.


Excursions are a very popular benefit offered to GVNC members and their guests. An Excursion committee works to schedule a variety of activities of interest in the community. But they are always looking for ideas, so members are asked to share suggestions for future possible excursions with the Excursion Committee Chair.


During the non-winter months, this group meets to hike one of many trails available within Gallatin County.

Interest Group Coordinator

Members are encouraged to contact the Interest Group Coordinator with ideas and suggestions for adding new interest groups.  The Coordinator will assist in organizing new start-ups and communicating the information about the new group to the organization.


Knitting group welcomes all levels of knitters and meets monthly in a coffee shop.

Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch meets once a month to explore one of Bozeman’s/Belgrade’s wide variety of great restaurants.

Mah Jongg - American

American Mah Jongg is considered by some as a more challenging game than its Chinese counterpart. It is played with the same set as Chinese, plus 8 joker tiles and an American Mah Jongg card that comes out every year in April. That card has formulas that allow you to claim Mah Jongg. You choose the formula based on the tiles you have. It’s a fun game! The group meets every Monday afternoon, 1:00 – 3:30, in players’ homes. Join us!

Mah Jongg - Chinese

Chinese Mah Jongg is basically a card game played with tiles instead of cards. The tiles have suits, flowers, seasons, winds and dragons. It is easy to learn but the intrigue and skill of the game improve with time, especially the scoring. One component is crucial to the game . . . Luck!  Newcomers Club Chinese Mah Jongg is played twice a month, on Thursday afternoons, in various locations. We usually play with 4 players per table, but it’s also possible to play with 3 or 5.


All skill levels and equipment are welcome. This group meets every few weeks, taking pictures throughout our community then meets again a few weeks later to critique the photos taken.


The Newcomers Pickleball Interest Group schedules year-round indoor games several days a week. Players with varying levels of experience are welcome.


This trick-taking card game meets once a month and is hosted by member volunteers in their homes. Anyone who would like to learn to play is welcome.

Theater Group

This group attends live performances in Bozeman monthly, varying venues and times.

Volunteer Coordinator

GVNC is a volunteer-led organization and therefore depends on members working together to make all of our activities and initiatives possible. Contact the GVNC Volunteer Coordinator to offer your assistance, whether it be for one event or for an ongoing role within the organization.

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