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Interest Groups for Members

Whether you are new to Gallatin County or have lived here for years, GVNC provides an opportunity to make new, longtime friends through fun-filled activities.  Joining an Interest Group is fun and you get a chance to visit with others in informal settings of your choice.  This is an important part of our organization, as it allows us to get to know others with our same interests.  

As an active member, you may visit our members-only listing of interest groups, complete with contact information.  We make it so easy to become involved in doing the things you love!  

Several interest groups are currently not meeting out of an abundance of concern about Covid 19.  If anyone is interested in joining an interest group, please reach out to that interest group leader for further information and ask to be added on to their roster once they begin meeting again.

Annual Interest Group Fair – Every September except 2020

Due to Covid 19 our 2020 -21 Interest Group Fair will be held later in our year.  Stay tuned.

Come to our Interest Fair  Luncheon  when held and find interest groups to join!  You may join as many as you like. 

Join throughout the year.  If you find there isn’t a group for your interests, start one!  

Our Current Interest Group Listing:

Book Clubs – GVNC hosts a variety of book clubs which are reading and discussion gatherings.  These meet monthly and the places and times, and subjects vary.

Bowling – Bowling With A Partner meets every two weeks.  Time to be determined by those involved.

Bridge – Currently there are several bridge groups that play once a month in addition to a ladies’ marathon group of ten pairs.

Bunco — An easy and fun Dice game. Dates and times are determined by those playing.

CanastaCard game requiring some strategy – similar to rummy.

Community Service – This group provides information and manpower to service organizations in the Gallatin Valley who request volunteers to support projects in our community.

Country  Line Dancing — They meet the first Monday of every month and every Friday.  Times are shown in the Member’s Only section.

Games -This group is called Games, but they play Canasta, Scrabble, board games, you name it.  If you have a favorite card game or board game, join this group to see what they play.

Gourmet Groups –This is a couples dinner event with three other couples that meets in individual homes about four times a year subject to the consensus of the group. 

Hiking:  This interest group took a Covid 19 hiatus during the summer of 2020. 

Knitting –  Knitting group usually meets at a coffee shop once a month.

Mahjong– This is a Chinese tile game that is not hard to learn, but does have some strategy involved.  This is a fun game and can last most of the afternoon, from 1 pm to about 4:30 pm. Volunteers host in their homes.

Pickleball – The Newcomers Pickleball Interest Group is open to additional members.  We have games several days a week and welcome players with varying levels of experience.  

Pinochle — We meet once a month and anyone who would like to learn to play is welcome.  It is hosted by volunteers in their homes.

We also have liaisons to other groups in the community, such as the Garden Clubs. 

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