All-A-Board! Nominating Committee

As we welcome back members from summer hiatus at the September Luncheon, now is the time to consider how YOU can contribute to the success of our organization. This Fall, the GVNC Board Vice President Jorie Ready will form and chair a nominating committee to identify individuals to fill our 2024 open board and executive officer needs. The Nominating Committee develops a slate of candidates, which is then presented to the general membership for vote in April 2024, with the new board terms starting in June 2024.

Each year, there are a variety of open positions. If you, or a GVNC member you know, would like to participate on the nominating committee, learn about upcoming board positions, or would be a great fit for an open position, please reach out to Jorie. Serving on the board is a rewarding opportunity and a vital part of keeping GVNC great. We would love to hear from you!

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